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Our trade fairs and business events enable our clients to establish and capitalise on their business contacts on a person-to-person level. To this purpose Reed seeks and identifies the concrete needs of various markets in terms of presentation, information exchange and contacts.

Messe Wien Exhibitions & Congress Centre:
IT infrastructure – worlds ahead

Messe Wien Exhibitions & Congress Centre:
IT infrastructure – worlds ahead

Central 40 Gbits/s backbone provides complete redundancy for internet links serving up to 30,000 visitors +++ Parallel usage of 64,000 end devices +++ 1.2 million connections to the internet at the same time – no problem +++ 5000 permanent cable link LAN connections +++

© Reed Exhibitions / Christian Husar

VIENNA (4th August 2016). – When it comes to IT infrastructure, Messe Wien Exhibitions & Congress Center is a top player. As one of the largest expo and event venues in Austria, for many years now the exclusive facility operators, Reed Exhibitions, have focussed on the use of only the best technology. Fibreglass cables are installed as standard in all the halls and in the Messe Wien Congress Centre. Messe Wien currently offers an internet bandwidth of 2.5 Gbits/s from two different providers. Several providers have installed technical interfaces at Messe Wien, making it possible to run several internet connections of up to 10 Gbits/s.

Redundant design ensures more than 40 main and subsidiary distributors linked up to the central 40 Gbits/s backbone combine to offer a failsafe service. Moreover, the network has been devised to cope with up to 64,000 end devices online at the same time. “Most comparable facilities offer far less powerful infrastructure for the internet requirements of their guests. We made a conscious decision to design our IT infrastructure for the long term. We invested large amounts of money and built a solution that effortlessly meet the widest possible variety of customer requirements. In view of the immense growth in the use of the internet by our expo and congress guests, this approach has paid for itself several times over”, explained Director Renate Dobler-Jerabek (Mag.), head of the department for third-party events at Reed Exhibitions.

5000 permanent cable link LAN hook-ups
The constant availability of the data network with redundant internet connectivity is a standard feature of Messe Wien’s infrastructure. More than 5000 permanent cable link LAN connections are available around the entire complex, complemented by a further 250 WLAN transmitters that are particularly useful for large-scale congresses.

1.2 million internet connections – all at once – no problem
Messe Wien’s WLAN provides full redundancy while facilitating internet connectivity for up to 30,000 visitors, and enables over 20,000 WLAN users to enjoy parallel net access. At large-scale congresses such as the ECC 2015 (European Cancer Congress), it’s no problem to facilitate more than 1.2 internet connects, all at the same time.

Full coverage system monitoring is a standard service at Messe Wien
Messe Wien has a sophisticated monitoring system for all IT infrastructure, particularly for the approximately 2000 connections to the network. If problems occur the tech team is called out immediately. Monitoring covers failures, power surges and overloads, bandwidth, latency times, connection and user counts, and a wide variety of alarms and warning signals built into the individual components, such as switch temperatures.

Premium partner: Kapsch Business Com
The technology at Messe Wien is provided by the world’s leading specialists, Cisco, and is looked after by Kapsch BusinessCom, Cisco’s largest partner in Austria. The facility only uses the very latest generation of WLAN transmitters on the standard wavelength 802.11ac. The 5th generation of WLAN technology is much more reliable and much faster than all WLAN standards that have gone before. Significantly enhanced reliability is a crucial factor, since Reed Exhibitions needs to be able to guarantee the problem-free parallel operation of a very large number of devices. (+++)

For more information about the Messe Wien venue go to the trade fair website, Facebook: and Twitter: @messe_at

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Reed Exhibitions Messe Wien/Press & PR:
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PR Coordinator
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IT infrastructure – worlds ahead
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IT infrastructure – worlds ahead
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