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Our trade fairs and business events enable our clients to establish and capitalise on their business contacts on a person-to-person level. To this purpose Reed seeks and identifies the concrete needs of various markets in terms of presentation, information exchange and contacts.

NEW: C4I – Connectivity for Industry at Messe Wien
C4I – The digital future of industry has a name

NEW: C4I – Connectivity for Industry at Messe Wien
C4I – The digital future of industry has a name

press photo, left to right: Alexander Eigner (Category Manager), Barbara Leithner (New Business), Benedikt Binder-Krieglstein (Geschäftsführer Reed Exhibitions Österreich)

© Reed Exhibitions / Andreas Kolarik

LINZ/VIENNA (17th May 2017). – Reed Exhibitions has done justice to its market leader role once again, and is now enhancing this status as it launches its own trade fair for digitalisation in the industrial sector. The premiere of the ‘C4I – Connectivity for Industry‘ is to take place at Messe Wien parallel to the Intertool and SMART fairs on the 15th – 17th May 2018. The C4I aims to be the first point of contact for large industrial operations, as well as small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses, who wish to ensure they remain competitive and indeed enhance their competitiveness by digitalising and introducing broad-based connectivity into their value chains.

Full power expo combination package

The full potential of the C4I unfolds when held temporally and geographically parallel to the industrial trade fairs – the Intertool and SMART Automation Austria. It addresses suppliers of information technologies and system solutions for industrial appliances and exhibitors profit from around 22,000 trade visitors already present at the Intertool / SMART. In terms of addressing a larger trade visitor audience, this expo 3-pack will be able to become even more international, and the broadening of the product portfolio will enable it to access new target groups, functions and positions within companies. Additionally, a practically orientated programme of side events held over several days is to deal with a wide range of complex themes linked with industrial digitalisation and connectivity.

Masterplan ‘Agenda 2022’ shows the way

The market introduction of C4I is part of a multi-step masterplan known as ‘Agenda 2022’, conceived of by Reed Exhibitions in cooperation with key players within the industrial sector. It is being implemented step by step from one edition of the show to the next. The start was made by the Intertool / SMART 2016. Benedikt Binder-Krieglstein, Reed Exhibitions CEO, is one of the driving forces behind this innovative approach: “The unforeseen opportunities that digitalisation and digital connectivity can generate in the industrial sphere mean there are big changes ahead for manufacturing companies. Business procedures and relations will be affected, as will the skills and expertise required of employees. C4I is a platform, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses, for locating practical, realistically implementable solutions for the current and impending digital challenges.”

Holistic presentation encourages positive emotions

The C4I is the perfect way of complementing the existing industrial fairs. Staging the C4I parallel with the Intertool and SMART allows trade visitors to experience a concentrated dose of production know-how from the fields of industrial manufacturing technology and automation – right through to the digitalisation and digital connectivity of production. For this reason, C4I is to be situated in the central transitional area between the other two shows.

The conceptual design of the fair is being pepped up significantly for visitors in terms of the show aspect, and as an emotional experience. The days of merely displaying exhibits are long gone. The future of exhibitions lies in the fusion of new products, their application in practical showcases and the indispensable aspect of personal face-to-face contact. “All the effort being invested in the Intertool / SMART / C4I is aimed at making the present reality of IoT and Industry 4.0 experientially tangible, highlighting the benefits of digitalisation, and the advantages of digitally linking up production lines and systems. This will be implemented in cooperation with our exhibitors and partners using examples of real applications”, explained Barbara Leithner, who is responsible for Business Development at Reed Exhibitions.

Package solutions for exhibitors

Exhibitors can choose from four different packages, according to the needs and aims of their businesses. As a Category Manager, Alexander Eigner is already responsible for the Intertool and SMART fairs, and has now taken charge of the C4I project. (+++)

For more information on the ’C4I – Connectivity for Industry’ go to
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C4I – The digital future of industry has a name
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C4I – The digital future of industry has a name
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