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Reed Exhibitions - Kraft der Begegnung
News from Reed Exhibitions in Austria
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Our trade fairs and business events enable our clients to establish and capitalise on their business contacts on a person-to-person level. To this purpose Reed seeks and identifies the concrete needs of various markets in terms of presentation, information exchange and contacts.

“VIENNAFAIR The International Contemporary
Art Fair FOCUSED ON CEE”: May 12 to 15, 2011:
The Fair as Art and Information Market

“VIENNAFAIR The International Contemporary
Art Fair FOCUSED ON CEE”: May 12 to 15, 2011:
The Fair as Art and Information Market

(c) Reed Exhibitions Messe Wien/C.Husar

+++ 124 galleries registered so far for the “VIENNAFAIR 2011” +++ Austrian gallery scene strongly represented +++ CEE-Focus with highest number of participants to date +++ Artistic intervention and new stand architecture +++ Information, debates and new collector programmes +++

VIENNA (23 March 2011). – “According to latest studies galleries generate up to 30 % of their sales on art fairs. For us this is a confirmation of the strategy to facilitate the galleries on the “VIENNAFAIR 2011” even more flexibility in the stand design and new forms of cooperation to support them best possible in their business relations. We are certain that our new visitor and especially the collector programmes will have a positive effect on visitor numbers, and this will offer the participating galleries ideal conditions for economic success.”, Matthias Limbeck, manager in charge at fair organizer Reed Exhibitions Messe Wien, is convinced to being able to make the extensive preparatory works for the “VIENNAFAIR 2011” into a successful event.
“At the globally booming art biennials and new foundations of museums the countries often summarized under the heading “Emerging Markets” play a special part. China as well as other countries of Asia and countries of Northern Africa and Southern America are on their way to rise to important market and information places for contemporary art. The concept we have designed for the future of the “VIENNAFAIR” takes account of this development and, apart from highlighting the increasingly important focus on Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, also introduces important galleries and institutions from the emerging markets in Vienna”, explain Hedwig Saxenhuber and Georg Schöllhammer, the artistic directors of the “VIENNAFAIR”, their plans for the upcoming issue of the “VIENNAFAIR”, which will be taking place from May 12 to 15, 2011, in Hall A of Vienna’s Congress Center Messe Wien. The status of registrations currently runs to 124 galleries, 49 of which are from Austria, 47 from the focus countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, 26 from Western Europe and one gallery each from Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.

Demonstrate Strength - the Austrian and the International Gallery Scene at the "VIENNAFAIR 2011"

With 49 registrations from Austria the VIENNAFAIR 2011 provides an extensive representation of the domestic gallery scene. With this the galleries set a signal for the lasting recovery of the art venue Austria in general, and Vienna in particular. From Austria’s capital are with Kerstin Engholm, Charim, Ernst Hilger, Grita Insam, Martin Janda, Georg Kargl, Knoll, Ursula Krinzinger, Krobath, Christine König, Mario Mauroner, Meyer Kainer, nächst St. Stephan, Gabriele Senn and Hubert Winter the major internationally active galleries of Vienna’s gallery scene represented – these present, together with many more, partly younger, galleries the large range of artistic production. The gallery Eugen Lendl from Graz, Altnöder from Salzburg, Elisabeth and Klaus Thoman as well as Bernd Kugler from Innsbruck and Lisi Hämmerle from Vorarlberg are some of the representatives from Austria’s provinces at the “VIENNAFAIR 2011”.

From Germany 15 galleries have registered for their participation in the “VIENNAFAIR 2011” – amongst these are Gregor Podnar, Barbara Thumm and Antje Wachs, as well as many who have been present in Vienna for years: Robert Drees, Hollenbach or Mirko Mayer. France is represented by Chez Valentin. From Belgium the gallery Micheline Szwajcer participates for the first time, from Switzerland Eva Presenhuber attends for the first time and Bernard Jordan comes again as already in previous years. With Espaivisor. Visor Gallery and Palma Dotze two Spanish galleries are new participants at the “VIENNAFAIR” – along with Distrito 4 which is already known to the audience from previous years. The gallery Paulo Nunes Arte Contamporanea from Portugal comes for the first time to Vienna, also new is the gallery Alessandro di March from Italy. Again in Vienna is also the gallery Carbon 12 Dubai from the United Arab Emirates.

CEE-Focus Lastingly Strengthened –
Longstanding Cooperation with ERSTE BANK

With 47 registrations from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe the CEE focus is the largest so far in the history of the “VIENNAFAIR”, including this year such significant positions as the Riga Gallery from Latvia, Plan B and Ivan from Romania, lokal_30 from Poland or Tulips and Roses from Lithuania as well as Skuc and P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E from Slovenia. With Gisich from St. Petersburg as well as GMG and paperworks from Moscow the Russian scene shows after a long while again a strong presence in Vienna. With a total of five galleries, amongst these acb and Raday, Hungary is again strongly represented, as in previous years. New this year are the Newman Popiashvili Gallery from Georgia and Tengri Umai Gallery from Kazakhstan. Also for the first time in Vienna present with artists are the Jiri Svestka Gallery from Prague, Art Radionica Lazareti and Contemporary Croatian Photography from Croatia.
ERSTE BANK, as in previous years, enables the CEE focus in the context of the “VIENNAFAIR” by supporting the participation of galleries from Central and South-Eastern Europe. The successful cooperation with the “VIENNAFAIR” creates both for artists and for the audience new approaches and possibilities across borders.

ZONE1: The Special Presentations of the "VIENNAFAIR"

In ZONE1 galleries receive this year again the opportunity to show works of young artists in individual representations on 20 square metres each. Andreas Huber brings works by Michael Part, Dana Charkasi presents Svätopluk Mikyta and Emanuel Layr presents Nick Oberthaler. Galerie Steinek shows Clemens Wolf, Kerstin Engholm Galerie shows Anna Jermolaeva. For Palma Dotze the Spanish artist duo Daniel Andujar and Rogelio Cuenca has developed a project, as has Marlene Hausegger for the project space Viktor Bucher. Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art brings Paolo Grassino. Mr. W (Klaus Wanker) can be seen at Eugen Lendl, Bernhard Frühwirth at Galerie Mezzanin and Istvan Ist Huzjan at Mirko Mayer. Galerie Wolfgang Exner shows works by Maximilian Otte, Momentum photo works by Gregor Graf.
Aside from all this, established galleries will show individual presentations of central figures of contemporary art such as Geta Bratescu, Sanja Ivekovic, Peter Weibel or Lawrence Weiner.

The “VIENNAFAIR” as Market Place for Art and Ideas

The unique position of the “VIENNAFAIR” with its successful focus on galleries from the countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe will undergo a significant extension in 2011. This opens new cooperation possibilities and market chances, especially for domestic galleries. A special focus at the “VIENNAFAIR 2011” will be the art scene in Istanbul. In a separate openly designed stand architecture, based on the Han, the inner courtyard of the historic caravansaries, central and young positions of the Turkish contemporary art scene with its Istanbul galleries and art spaces presents itself in a spatially open form. This special exhibition is possible due to the commitment of OMV.

An open research zone in the context of the fair area will be available to art initiatives and art associations from CEE and regions with strong art scenes but weakly developed art markets – ranging from Central Asia to Northern Africa – for small project presentations and individual shows. Since many of these art institutions do not have market contact, especially in the West, the galleries are here offered new possibilities at the “VIENNAFAIR 2011”. With information and sales partnerships new market chances can be created for interested artists.

New Stand Architecture and Artistic Intervention Define the Appearance

Following the extended focus and the offer of new cooperations the established stand architecture of the “VIENNAFAIR” also undergoes a new interpretation. Architect and theoretician of architecture, Johannes Porsch, has developed for the exhibiting galleries and institutions a flexible room structure which defines the art fair as an urban system, exploiting new ways between the presentations of the galleries and opens places of exchange. The fair architecture of the “VIENNAFAIR 2011” will be significantly different from those in the past.

The appearance of the “VIENNAFAIR” also underwent subtle changes, ranging from its logo to the forms, flyers and advertising presence. The Austrian artist of international renown Gerwald Rockenschaub, currently residing in Berlin, has re-designed the central elements of communication together with Viennese graphic designer Alexander Rendi in a number of artistic interventions. These innovations were possible thanks to the support of departure, the Creative Agency of the City of Vienna.

Art Didactics and Sales Promotion

The development of new markets needs a solid information basis, also on the part of buyers and collectors. Thus the “VIENNAFAIR 2011”, as in previous years, will offer a broad spectrum of background talks, didactic programmes and lectures for those interested in art. Also, art institutions from Austria and abroad will present their exhibition programmes and projects. In addition, a number of other programme focus points are offered at the art fair such as the Performance Night and special didactic offers especially for art educators and young collectors such as “The small ABC of Collecting Contemporary Art” and encounters between collectors and theoreticians in the “Vienna School of Collecting Theory. On Saturday, May 14, 2011, the event “OPEN FORUM: EAST by SOUTHWEST” by departure, the Creative Agency of the City of Vienna, will be taking place where the visitors will have the opportunity to meet curators and artists in a discourse on their inspirations and on selected thematic priorities by curated by_vienna 2011.

Art didactics as performative act is offered in an initiative, taking place daily at the fair, by the internationally renowned Polish artist Pawel Althamer: together with students from Bratislava, Warsaw and Vienna and with 15 laypersons Althamer will create sculptures after nature. The legendary life model of Warsaw Academy, Pinki, will pose for the artist. Guests accompanying the project will be the video artist and director of Berlin Biennale Artur ¯mijewski and the sculptor Gregorz Kowalski.

Austrian Art Institutions at the "VIENNAFAIR 2011"

Not only for ZONE1 but also in the information area of the "VIENNAFAIR" the cooperations with museums and art institutions are successfully continued. One checkpoint of the “VIENNAFAIR” are the Lower Austrian art institutions which will present their activities under the common heading lower austria contemporary. Also, ESSL MUSEUM / (Klosterneuburg), collection evn sammlung (Maria Enzersdorf), Linz University for Art and Industrial Design, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Kulturkontakt Austria (Vienna) and TB21 will present their programmes at the "VIENNAFAIR 2011". The "VIENNAFAIR" has developed a special VIP collector programme in cooperation with the following museums, art institutions and collections: Albertina (Vienna), Augarten Contemporary (Vienna) Belevedere (Vienna), ESSL MUSEUM / (Klosterneuburg), evn sammlung (Maria Enzersdorf), Generali Foundation (Vienna), KUNSTHALLE wien (Vienna), KUNSTRAUM NOE (art space Lower Austria), MUMOK Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien (Vienna) and collection Sammlung Lenikus (Vienna).

Emerging / Established Gallery Prize Worth of 10,000 Euros for the Two Best Stand Designs

Already for the sixth time Brigitte Jank, president of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, bestows the Emerging/Established Gallery Prize of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce for the best stand presentation in the context of the “VIENNAFAIR 2011”. The prize worth 5,000 Euro each is divided in two categories: the “Emerging Gallery Prize” focuses on young very innovative galleries which so far have not participated more than three times in the “VIENNAFAIR” and whose foundation lays back no longer than five years. The “Established Gallery Prize” acknowledges an established gallery which successfully helps to position Vienna as international art market venue by means of numerous fair participations.

The Art Place Vienna as Point of Attraction for International Art
Collectors: The Special Programmes of the “VIENNAFAIR 2011”

With a specially developed programme during the art fair the “VIENNAFAIR” will bring again more than 200 international art collectors to Vienna and will create with this an important basis for the economic success of the participating galleries. The “VIENNAFAIR 2011” sets a special focus point with invitations of collectors from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe and the regions of the emerging markets. Here, opportunities arise especially for Western galleries to place artistic positions in these collections that have often been underrepresented so far. A special programme with the title “The Vienna School of Collecting Theory” will enable encounters with major theoreticians, artists, curators and colleagues in the context of lunch conversations in the VIP lounge – which incidentally will be catered by artists in the course of these events. A top-flight side programme at the institutions of the City of Vienna will take the audience to Vienna’s art scene and its hot spots outside the fair opening hours.
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Art Fair FOCUSED ON CEE”: May 12 to 15, 2011:
The Fair as Art and Information Market
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